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Gordon is a member in good standing with the;

 ‘Nova Scotia Association of Acupuncturists’.

In accordance with NSAA by-laws, all members are required to take on going continuing educational instruction in either Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture or other healing modalities or personal professional development studies.

Below can be found a list of subjects that Gordon has completed since opening his practice in Truro. Starting with the most resent;

                                Date/Year,  SubjectPresented,  Instruction by​                             

Mar 2020 Canadian Oriental Medical Symposium

Mar 2019 Canadian Oriental Medical Symposium

January 2018       First Aid              St. John's

Mar 2017Canadian Oriental Medical Symposium

Pre-Symposium, 1 day workshop; Acupuncture

For Low Back Pain, Pelvis, Hips;   Whitfield Reeves, OMD, L.Acu

 Therapist as Therapy, Historical review & Practical Applications;  Stephen Birch, PhD, MBAcC (UK), lid NVA (Holland

Acupuncture Treatment for Athletic Performance,

& Treatment of Injury and Pre-Performance

Model/Protocols;     Whitfield Reaves, OMD, L.AC

Face as a Landform, Facial Diagnosis,

The Earth at the centre of Heaven;   Lillian Bridges

Acupuncture Techniques for Scar Tissue

causing pain and blockage;    Janice Walton-Hadlock,DAOM,  L.Acu

TCM Secrets of longevity

TCM care for the aging population;   Christine Chang, OMD ,Lic.Acu

Simplified Pulse Diagnosis to Differentiate

Gastro Intestinal Disorders, Promoting

Liver Detoxification by regulating the Liver;  Jake Fratkin, OMD, L.AC

Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture,

Techniques & Protocols;    Dr. (MD)Michael Greenwood,L.Ac

Pulse; The Bladder, Kidney & More,

Treating Bladder Problems, Pain,

Leakage & Frequency; Holly Guzman, OMD, L.AC

Acupuncture Points; Evolution of

Quick & easy points for treatment;   Steve Marsden, DVM, ND,MSOM

Oct 2015; Treating Pain & Trauma with Chinese Herbs;  Jake Fratkin, OMD,


L.ACMar to May 2015; Acupuncture Injuries; Low back pain, Ankle sprain, Achilles Tendonitis, Anterior & Medial knee, Ilio-Tibial band, Carpal tunnel, Hip Bursitis AC Joint, Biceps Muscle, Frozen shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Infra & Supraspinatous Muscle, Stiff Neck; Whitfield Reeves, OMD, Lic. Ac

Mar 2015Canadian Oriental Medical Symposium

Ren Mai & Jaw Structure & AcupunctureKiko Matsumoto, Lic Acu

Clinically Powerful Points, treatment results Tung’s Style; Christine Chang, OMD

Understanding Classical Chinese Medicine &

Traditional Chinese Medicine;   Dr. Suzanne Robidoux

 Fascia; The Rosetta Stone Linking East to WestDr. (M.D.) Daniel Keown, M.B.,      L.Acu

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture;   Mary Wakefield, L. Ac. MS,MM

The Physiology of Insight, Practices & Practicalities of Yi Zhi Yi Ye;                                      Thea Elijah, Lic. Acu

Neurofunctional Meridians; An integrated Science Based Clinical Approach to the Treatment of MSK Pain & Dysfunction;    Dr. Alejandro E Claraco

Embryo Implantation; Interplay of Yin & Yang;   Jill Blakeway, M.S., L.Acu

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