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Greetings to all 

The World Health Organization acknowledges acupuncture as a “viable & effective form of treatment”. There are a number of diseases, symptoms or conditions that the WHO has listed that have been, “ proved - through controlled trials - to be an effective treatment”. “Acupuncture can be regarded as the method of choice for treating many chronically painful conditions”.

Although acupuncture for the most part has become associated with the treatment of pain, acupuncture/TCM can be utilized to treat a number of health conditions; acute or chronic, physical, mental or emotional. This modality can also be used to maintain one’s health. We as individuals & a society have to start realizing the importance in maintaining one’s health & not wait for something to develop.

For those who are needle shy TCM offers another form of treatment. That would be the use of herbal formulas. In treating your health concern Gordon can offer either Acupuncture or herbal formulas for your health conditions. Often Gordon will combine the two in treatment. But, the choice in using either acupuncture & or herbal formulas remains your choice.

When coming in for a TCM/Acupuncture consultation & or treatment you are going to be asked a lot of questions. Inquires will be made in regards to what has brought you to the clinic but there will be a number of other questions asked in determining your overall health or ‘things’ that might be contributing to the situation.

Aches & pains, vision, hearing, past injuries, headaches, breathing, appetite, fluid intake, sweating, urination, bowel movements. Any coughing, swelling, your energy level, sleep patterns, your emotional state & your diet. All of these & more will be talked about during your consultation depending on what is to be treated.

Traditional/Classical Chinese Medicine provides a very clear understanding of what it means to be in a state of good health and well being and the number of ‘causes’ that contribute to poor health.

The human body is a functioning ‘whole’ comprised of various systems. These systems are “interrelated, co-dependent and born of each other”.

It is important from a TCM perspective to understand as much about the individual’s whole health in order to formulate a treatment platform. We look for patterns in your health & need to differentiate what your particular condition is. No two individuals will exhibit the same symptoms. There will be some that are shared but the individual being an individual will develop symptoms systematic to their overall health. With this understanding a TCM/Acupuncture practitioner will be able to address not only the symptoms (branch) but equally important the ‘root’ of the condition.

" Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less "

Marie Currie

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