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Take a look, stroll through some knowledge, take a look at another way of understanding your health and well being.

Located at 98 Pleasant St. Truro N.S.  ph; 902 897 3338

Gordon maintains a practice here and shares the space with other Practitioners;

Jennifer Blacklock, Registered Acupuncturist

Robyn Callagan, N.D.

Peggy MaGuire, R.M.T.

Ivan Drouin, M.A., Registered Psychologist 

A great source of information on various health conditions.  Coming from a Western Medical perspective but also from the Chinese Medicine health understanding.

Information about various herbs and herbal formulas and acupuncture.

Good reference for any contraindications regarding herbs, incompatibilities and any herb/drug interactions.

Good articles on various health conditions, disorders, from a Traditional .  Coming from the traditional teaching of Chinese, Tibetan, Ayuryedic and other Asian health traditions.

Lots of information about herbs and acupuncture.

Their 'Famous Doctors' page is a good read documenting some famous doctors and their respective contributions in the development of Chinese Medicine.  

Nova Scotia Association of Acupuncturists.

An association for Acupuncturists in the Province of N.S.

Members are required to have completed at minimum a 3 year program in Acupuncture or a 4-5 year program in Chinese/Oriental Medicine.

Members are also required to take on going continueing education courses.

This helps to ensure that Members are maintaining and learning new skills, contributing  to maintaining public safety and concerns.  

A very good site for information that you can go to.

A resource to use informing you from a Western Medical perspective your health condition or concern.

Also a good source for people taking pharmaceuticals (pills etc.) to check for any known side effects, contraindications.


more to come

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